Saturday, July 2, 2016


We were looking for Terhune's book, 'Across the Line' and found a metaphysical treasure trove. A bunch of these are copyright free and available for downloading.

And happy 4th right back at y'all as we struggle to remember just what those amazing dudes put together all those years ago. And by 'dudes', we mean Mr. Jefferson and all those angels.

Let's do 'em proud.

Going all Nancy Grace on her ass...

Every now and a published news report comes to our attention that seems almost medieval or at least something more likely to be part of a Dickens' novel. In this case, it was definitely contemporary, so we wondered if it hadn't happened near Putin's home town instead of near a major United States metropolis.

Because there were children involved, and ones undergoing plenty of psychological trauma without this judge's unwarranted behavior, we recall praying fervently for a good Old Testament rebuke. pparently that's exactly what's going to happen.

When and if this creature - arguably classified on the human scale - works out her own myriad issues, she might want to get a makeover that doesn't tread upon any number of Disney characters, most notably ones with famous speeches beginning, 'Mirror, mirror on the wall...' or ones who own a lot of polka-dotted canines.

This writer is usually the first to decry those who would assail people on the shallow grounds of appearance. Perhaps we should be ashamed of making such joyful exception of our credo. Quite simply, just look at the &$!*#! She makes Leona Helmsley look like Melanie Wilkes.

Independence Day

It's not all Independence Day-esque, but there are plenty of unidentified airborne thingamajigs to go around if you keep your eyes peeled. Check out these videos courtesy of the MUFON man.

(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Have an amazing safe PET FRIENDLY holiday, y'all.

Love from the gang at my verified page.

That makes it official.

(And Wesley makes it legal.)

Friday, July 1, 2016

That Voodoo That We Do So Well

When academia alludes to the miraculous, the science part is often relegated to the dunce chair; but more and more frequently, we're reading about mind/matter interfacing: from the efficacy of prayer in medical scenarios to the positively mind-blowing work of Chulin Sun's experiments in time/consciousness. (Her work, described in article linked here is evocative of the film 'Contact'. Just the way cool ending twist - not the earnest dialog)

If you've experienced phenomena that challenges the constraints of linear time - and, yes, I reckon I'm asking for your miracle stories, we'd be grateful to hear from you. Please send them to our website ( if you prefer anonymity. And thanks in advance for giving consideration to space here.

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is leaving HNL.

The humanity, the humanity!


Like any other gal with her ankles very far apart, she'll land on her feet.

That's highly metaphoric but sincerely insulting. We hope.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Last Cat Standing

This photo was hard to take because I'm right handed - and maybe because I was a teeny bit choked up - but this is Cheetah holding onto my hand as I was reading last night.

This was a few hours after I said goodbye to Homer. (His discomfort became very apparent very quickly, so I got him in asap.). By this time, I was not crying or talking to anyone about it - the more obvious ways to convey grief, I guess. It shouldn't be a surprise, either that Cheetah picked up on the subtle things. Still, although this particular cat is a snuggly animal anyway, I've NEVER had any animal hold my hand before. He was squeezing from both sides. Whatta guy.

Again, if we're lucky enough to love an animal, we'll face that time to say goodbye. And as farewells go, the vet said he'd never seen a cat so ill still try to play a bit and purr affectionately. (We doped him up pretty good for the adios: Damn it, one of us needed to be looped and it wasn't his mama.)

Y'all. Sending so much love about my two cats leaving over the last week: You made a big difference. Extra angels have been here and I know they're with my animals on both sides of the Bridge.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This little guy. Keno.

Joe Pesci in a dog suit.

Except this.

Needing a bankie for the chilly mornings.

My first terrier.

He's got scant fur and a fat little belly that's invisible until he's sitting down

Some animals know when humans are sad.


It could be that...

OR... the little bastard is working me for the last piece of deli turkey which is the only way Mama Dog takes her seventy three pills every day. (OK less than that but enough for me to buy people meat and this people doesn't eat it.)

Look at those eyes.

Happiness Sweepstakes

Warning. This is a girl post.

And it's mine.

To those who write really long comments, I don't read them.

I'd say I can't but it's not entirely true.

I'm grateful to everyone for writing in but you long comment folks are hogging someone else's attention.

Is that bitchy?

Maybe to the ones who need to read it.

To the rest of you? I meant it: The pearls you roll across the really really big place of this globe actually find me and so many of them make me think, comfort me during loss, encourage me and you know who you are. I hope. I do believe in the alchemy of distant mattering. Thank you.

Now. About today's insipid yet joyful post.

1) Yippppeee

2). BOO yaaaaa

Happiness just walked right up and pinched me on the fanny. Like this:

Oh yeah, about the picture. Yeah, the light. Oh well. Too much or not enough. We'll live...

This pretty frock. Had it for five years - five - and never had the nerve to wear it. And you're welcome: I will happily not join the ranks of chicks who overstay their welcome in the junior department.

Just because it fits doesn't mean it's not a cry for help, y'all. Besides. There's a great line about it in Desiderata.

But today won't you join me and do the great big silly Z-snap, girrrrrl - snap...

After all, it IS most beautiful fabric.

Maybe I could've framed it before now.

Or - and I've done this - even chopped it up for a ex-dress lamp shade.

Instead, this happened and it's the YAYYYYY part:

I put it on.

I danced around.

I loved exactly how it felt and LAWDY MOISEE yes chile how I LOOK.


I haven't walked to the mail box yet but maybe after my neighbors have their cocktail hour I just bloody SHALL.

I can't even see my varicose veins from here anyway - I mean without leaning over or with a mirror. And if I reeeeaally wanted to be an optimist, I'd note that they match the dress.

It's not like my vision isn't great.

Just need specs up close. And I see all the things that weren't there before age happened, all the things that I could get zapped, sucked, buffed or jiggled away. I'm almost sixty and not sure I want that weird look year happens after those things.

So go ON witch yo bad sef.

In the immortal word of Tina Turner:

BOOM shakalaka

BOOM shakalaka




This guy. This Homer.

He's eating and drinking. Enough so that he's not getting force fed which I won't try again. It was, shall we say, torture for him. It's as if he said, "OK, I'll eat already."

Beneath all that hair, there isn't much of him left.

But a bit ago, he liked getting his face cleaned off and asked to be up on the bed. He can't jump up anymore but he can get down.

Later I'll carry him outside in the cool night air: He purrs like crazy and that's the only time he likes being held. It's our thing. The other cats always wanted to be put on the ground and this mama don't roll that way: Too much danger in our hood and I've never been nimble enough to outrun a cat in the dark.

Thank you all for your good prayers, kind thoughts.

As our friend Tony rightfully computed, he's not singing The Goodbye Song just yet.... But soon.

My sweet boy. My sweet, dear boy.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Feisty French Bulldog

If you just want to see the 1:00 version, Google 'French Bulldog bears' on YouTube.

Otherwise, this heart stopping display of courage is here in all its dimwit local news glory. Still. We hope that guy keeps the pup inside from now on. Maaaan.

"what's good for us"

Yet another Collective Evolution piece on "what's good for us", but hard to top the work of Herbert Benson, MD (The Relaxation Response) whose work maybe laid out the simplest meditation technique we'd ever seen.

Actually, his exact technique is online free for the browsing, thus ending any objection - and we had a hundred - about the alleged complexity or difficulty of just spending twenty minutes a day to empty the cranium. Dammit. Dammit.

Mama Finch

The mama finch. To the right. Sitting on her blue eggs and letting us come this close. Reckon she saw us putting out the food and beverages.

Because it looks like Homer will go within the day... Her new life is speaking pretty loudly over here, y'all.

And now for something completely different...

At least compared to the star spangled interweb of flash bang whiz pop. We enjoy accidental peeks into OPSG - other people's spiritual gardens - yeah we get the corn husk award for that one.

These are the pages of a seeker who's been diligent enough about what he's discovered, believes and, in essence, hopes for to keep a decades long journal of his path. Too, we wrote to thank him especially for painting, rather vividly, word pictures of what we have always hoped angels were. (Are.)

To say this ain't everyone's cup of tea is like saying - ha. We struggle for similes expressing the obvious. We don't have to agree with folks to dig what they say or how they say it - missing William F. Buckley is a case in point. Still, to find courage and creativity along with a willingness to tell it in a world increasingly broken down into quibbling denominations?

As a great 20th century bard once said, "Play that funky music, white boy."

Sunday, June 26, 2016

What Matters

This image is from the swell folks over at Awkward Family Photos website, pretty much defining what AFP is about.

This time it's awkward, familial and important.

Here's why...

You may see separation.

I see togetherness.

You may see an utter lack of cooperation.

I see love sticking its hand up even if it might not have the right answer.


To everyone out there who leans in even a little bit to get the weird kid in the shot..

To every weird kid who's all Gothed out and even vegan to boot and gets over your own ass to see family at a good old fashioned weenie roast....

I say this:

Y'ALL will be what makes America great again.

(Ha! Didn't know I was gonna run that way with the damn ball, did you?)

The blue eyed gun living Baptist mama in Texas who had TEN guns that she was afraid Obama would take from her should have been so damn lucky.

What, in the name of Jesus quite literally,

as Marvin Gaye was wont to ask before he went fucking crazy, too, is going on!?


You can't build walls for the kind of crazy that's really gobbling us up.

But the bastard who can convince us that the devil is in the unfamiliar, the alien, the swarthy, the not quite godless but god-lite different people is selling something none of us should want.

And despite what anyone believes, none of what I just wrote has a thing to do with politics.

Politics is the dirty valve for the blow up dolls of our dreams.

I was going to write more but that last line was inadvertently mysterious enough to sate me and, besides, I can't freaking top that.

For a few hours anyway.

Naked Emperors Gone Wild

Kanye. Man.

I know you haven't been feeling good since your Mom crossed over.

Maybe before that.

But that's when I noticed you were human.

I don't know.

Could have been a reflection.

But now?

I'm so slap out of fucking slack for you.

How dare I?

Why not?

I ain't afraid of no ghosts.


If I didn't think you could turn left and hit a switch and be so much more than this...shit.

And that's what it is.

Make no mistake:

To wound, defile, deflate, to perpetrate a thousand little paper cut rapes because you can...

Is small guy stuff.

Says who?

Says me.

My old unfamous white ass bitch knows stuff says me that's who.

Straighten up.

You can still be this sensitive genius and not cause hemorrhaging wherever you go.

As my cousin Jeannie would say, "Be-HAVE!"

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