Friday, July 15, 2016

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This dog is in the Downey Animal Shelter. She has a benefactor who will pay her costs, vet bills etc. and I'll vouch for him. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

We're trying to get ACTION. It just came to our attention at day's end. Serious inquiries ONLY please....GOD BLESS YOU.

Precious is located at Downey Shelter.

Phone: 562-940-6898

11258 Garfield Ave

Downey, California

Cage D-210

Precious is friendly and good on a leash.


We know many of you have seen this and we'd like to thank our dear friend Denise for sending it to us yesterday.

Images much like this have been evident long before CGI was suspect: We think that this is viral testifies to hope weighing in when sadness clobbers us.

On 9/11, the first FBI agent on the scene for United Flight 93 saw something so extraordinary that it would take her years to even discuss, much less write a book about it...

She saw hundreds of angels descending and ascending with the souls of the lost passengers, angels guarding the field and archangels in columns. Lillie Leonardi wrote a book about her experience.

To anyone who's lost a loved one, whether through what they call 'natural causes' or mindless terror, may you find comfort in such images, words and accounts.

Why little things are more important than ever...

I've always envied folks who find their bliss in academia. To see someone's eyes light up discussing an epic military battle only to discover it's the Battle of Hastings, for gosh sakes. I think that was almost 1000 years ago and bits of what was significant about it may linger today in some form or another.

And the work of Konrad Lorenz - hey cut me some slack, I'm trying to write without looking it up - wrote "On Aggression" and these little duckies taught him a lot about that very thing.

Here is another true piece that might read like a fairy tale on this day. Still. It beats staring at the tube.

Thanks for stopping in, y'all.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Clean and Sober Broadcasting Interview

Hi everyone... I am being interviewed tomorrow (Friday) on this show because I thought that perhaps sharing my experience, strength and hope might possibly help one other person.

As I clicked the link to share it, I feel a bit downcast, wondering if, in a week with sick and dying pets, I'll get to revisit the worst days I ever created.

Maybe this will be a good chance to be grateful, to call in fine angelic support while I'm being queried.

After all, it ain't brain surgery.

Thanks to those of you who have been such stalwart supporters. Gulp. See you tomorrow.


What a time on our reeling globe: heartbreaks in different cities as cowards launch spectacularly destructive senseless acts of hate. And it's all played out in real time...

For now, on this hideous day, we know damned well that France has much more than their leader's coiff on its collective mind.

We're posting this here in hopes that our biggest problems are this prosaic very soon. And because we figure getting warmed up for presidential mockery ain't a bad idea.


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