Thursday, March 31, 2016

Puppy Share

I apologize if that last puppy share hit twice. And for perhaps oversharing homeless dog ads. But we never know when the right animal will find the right human.

Considering much of what's on our timelines lately from the mean to the absurd, maybe I could do worse than post these sweeties.

Thanks for your kind patience.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What I Believe About This Psychic Stuff. PART I

Might as well begin here.

First of all, although I try to answer some queries that appear on this FB page, I think you'll agree that it's not a very efficient format for Q&A.

Let's just say that original posts, questions, comments, etc have a way of getting cluttered here. In that vein, if I haven't answered something, there is a good chance I simply haven't seen it.

Regarding things psychic and my claims about mediumship - and if you're new to this, that sentence is fairly self-explanatory - we're welcoming questions - respectfully submitted ones, that is. Yikes. Had to ask!

We ask is that you submit them to
Please do NOT ask them here.

For starters, a few all-too-random thoughts about things psychic. Btw, I'm hardly a repository of psychic history. Thanks to Google, anyone can find out just how splendid or absurd the sixth sense is. If your questions are things I can answer based on my own experience, I'll do my best to answer.

For those of you who have a hunch your own intuitive capabilities are ramping up, perhaps my tips on how to help those along will be of some use.

When I first realized that people had these abilities, almost a decade ago, I promised myself that if there was any way I could help demystify these things, that would be part of my mission. Thanks for helping with that!

For starters...

Everyone's imbued with intuitive faculties that serve them to varying degrees.

Sometimes the people who "want it" the most possess the least of it.

Sometimes skeptics have a lot of it whether they're in touch with it or not.

When mediumship "happened to" me almost a decade ago, my first thought was not: Gee, I must be special. (Actually, I do think I'm special, but for things not associated with this at all. HOOha!) Instead, my first thought was simply this one: This is happening to other people. Right now. And a lot of them.

The left brain works very hard not to let the right brain "drive". One might argue that the left brain makes the world go around: Practical things like science, math, right angles, bridges, etc. Too, one could posit that the right brain - poetry, watercolor, intuition - makes it more liveable. When the two sides can work together - and meditation can make that happen rather quickly and serenely - this is when things happen. (That's MEDITATION not MEDICATION, although if you've played around with drugs, you know you can definitely open cans of worms in that area. Be very careful: Sometimes those cans can't be closed up again. We're not even joking.)

Although I understand how/why strict materialists attribute any and all psychic claims to, from the most benign motivation to the most malign, wishful thinking to fraud, I believe there is equal hubris in labeling such phenomena impossible.

It's a total drag, but there are people without any moral compass whatsoever who possess profound and specific psychic gifts. So for those folks who feel that some golden path has been assigned to you based on favor from Above; I'm sorry to dissuade you. The good news? I think that loving intention empowers the gifts.

Can I prove any of this? No. But I submit this: I've got better things to do that jive y'all. Flat out.

Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to answering what I can.

Peace out, y'all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


And, yes, that's an 'F', although the appropriateness of another consonant is debatable.

We like these little tiny lights. Strung all year. (Part of the Weird Kid Diaries, but then we also liked moving little different colored plastic lamps around our room when we were eleven. Other teens put up posters: We were experimenting with indirect lighting.)

It's bad enough when they're carefully installed in less intrusive/elegant ways - on bannisters, wrapped around the odd lamp posts, etc., but every now and then, we just toss them up any old place at all. Finding little Chinese lanterns for $1? Sorry they only had one left.

Later, we realized it collapsed, moved in to fix it and then saw this.

This next sentence deserves its own post, by we are still happily processing it:

An hour after the lights fell, quite by accident, we discovered this particular mirror is the best psychomanteum ever.



The dinosaur to the left, although lumbering and quite ancient, was quick enough to gallop and grab an entire steak kabob when it hit the floor last week - stick and all.

Fortunately, his amazing vet got it out without surgery. (He's so old that the trauma of an operation might've been too much for him to bear.)

He's our godson: our new nickname for him is Leadbelly. But as devastatingly handsome as this guy is, we imagine one or two of you is curious about the little guy on the right. He is a rescue, of all things: so small that he's actually on a bottle.

For those of you who know, this particular breed is prone to health problems. It's hard to think about things like that when faces like this are looking up at you. Still, though we're a very long way off, puppy smells are coming through like he's at our feet.


Monday, March 28, 2016


A little pigeon kind of half flew, half careened onto the upstairs patio about five minutes into a squirmy meditation.

We couldn't figure out if the wee one was hurt, new out of the nest or what, but it struck us that we'd never, ever seen an itty bitty pigeon before.

Our experience with wobbly critters who 'land' near us have not been altogether wonderful.

We might've done the wrong thing - before.

We got up slowly and the little bugger only semi vapor locked: good sign.

We hoped it was from mellowness rather than being wounded.

Made our way in to return with a big fluffy pigeon catching towel.

The gentle bullfighter motion designed not to frighten, but softly corner.

We can't be sure if we imagined this part, but a long moment of eye contact seemed to help.

He turned to face the corner he was in - it was almost comical. And precious. As if he was saying,

"Look. I'm either going to be lunch or you're going to help me. This position will enable either action."

And like that he let me wrap him in the towel without the flailing, flapping fear that's characterized nearly every one of our previous "rescues".

He was soooo itty bitty, we could not feel him at all and fancied a magic trick in reverse: instead of yanking a bunny out of a hat, we disappeared a miniscule birdy in a giant bath towel. We raised it to the ledge of the small patio, carefully unfolding the package, gave him a whooshing motion and...

He flew! Finely, happily and without a limp in his gait or whatever you call addled flight.

We're big on serendipity, perhaps too much so. But for this? We'll take it.

And by " it", of course, we mean a pocket of existential angst being blown to smithereens just by one birdy liberation.

No, we don't have a photo. We're even relieved that we had the time to get the phone/camera and elected to live, just then, completely undocumented.

One tiny regret: Seeing a pigeon that small felt like catching a leprechaun.

Carry on.

Pax et lx

A blinking miracle happened in Georgia today. We kind of don't care if revenue loss fears were behind the governor's veto, as was suggested by a more jaded/realistic amigo.

Pax et lx, indeed.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


We thought about not saying anything about today, but realized the reason was pretty small: concern that we'd be affiliated with those who are incendiary regarding faith; especially the hellfire squad. Let it not be said that we're - ouch - too hip to hop. So....

A very Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates this day...

And even if you don't, there are worse things than widdle, fuzzy wabbits to symbolize a holiday.

Actually, we always thought bunnies and eggs came out of left field, but it turns out that, symbolically, anyway, they both go pretty far back in all kinds of religions. As for snazzy clothes on the bunny, we can only hope that happened for pure entertainment value.

We like Easter for reasons that have to do with the very deepest, most all-inclusive aspects of hope and love. All. Hope. And love. The biggest kinds there are.

May your day be about all that and more.

PS We don't have a photo credit for this particular little guy, but couldn't resist. He looks like he's about to hug somebunny. (Sorry. Couldn't help it.)

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