Saturday, July 2, 2016

Going all Nancy Grace on her ass...

Every now and a published news report comes to our attention that seems almost medieval or at least something more likely to be part of a Dickens' novel. In this case, it was definitely contemporary, so we wondered if it hadn't happened near Putin's home town instead of near a major United States metropolis.

Because there were children involved, and ones undergoing plenty of psychological trauma without this judge's unwarranted behavior, we recall praying fervently for a good Old Testament rebuke. pparently that's exactly what's going to happen.

When and if this creature - arguably classified on the human scale - works out her own myriad issues, she might want to get a makeover that doesn't tread upon any number of Disney characters, most notably ones with famous speeches beginning, 'Mirror, mirror on the wall...' or ones who own a lot of polka-dotted canines.

This writer is usually the first to decry those who would assail people on the shallow grounds of appearance. Perhaps we should be ashamed of making such joyful exception of our credo. Quite simply, just look at the &$!*#! She makes Leona Helmsley look like Melanie Wilkes.

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