Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thanks Rob!

Rob at NK Cigars thought I'd like this hat today and he was right. Sometimes hat hair happens for just the right reasons.

Can't remember the last time I wore of these, but it shaded our eyes just so while sleeping on the plane.

Random Water

When you peek out the window coming home and some random water seems to smile back at you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Couple of things...

Thanking Kevin Fisher for such positive and illuminating links on his FB.

We borrowed this one to share.

Also, despite the fact that 'celebrities' are probably supposed to be happy with a lot of FB "likes", this particular one is pleased with unlikes lately, especially the myopic, cantankerous sort.

Granted, the log in my own eye makes it difficult to see the speck in yours, but not impossible.

Unlike away: Sometimes, you leave the world and this tiny FB page a - and yeah buddy the irony of my source quote is far from lost on me as I put it here! - kinder, gentler place without your comments.

But go with this:

You are wished the same peace, joy, mind blowing visions of multi dimensional exploding, illuminating, fanny shaking epiphanies that we crave for ourselves AND may they arrive as do all divinely-sourced ones: With no price tag.

Peace to thee. : )

Impressionist Mode

Same shot: Impressionist mode.

Well, my Android really doesn't have such a mode. But I love the blur. Best part of being sober with the drunk view.


Lived in Manhattan for ten years. Views like this may seem impersonal and an example of why NY is too big to think about in terms of a nice place to live. If I didn't have so many animals, I'd sure love calling it home again.

This is midtown in the rain as I looked for cuppa something against the chill.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Movie Set

Didn't mean to convey that club sign was about a show: This was a closed set movie we're shooting. Not a stand up performance! Thanks to all of you who wanted to show up. I'll post here as soon as any tour starts to happen.


Thanking everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers for my big Sweet girl Mama Dog - whose real name is Early, btw. (Long story aren't they all??)

Her vitals are great. She's ambulatory.

Very grateful here.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Starting to look interesting ..

Starting to look interesting .. This is Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown, NY.

Jackie Burke played by a guy named Robert De Niro. And the very dear and truly funny JJ Walker is in it, Edie Falco, too.


Mama Dog

Love this gal....

I'm about 3000 miles away and she's having a health crisis. Anyone who would send a prayer much appreciated.

(Especially if you are smart enough to know that if I had time to put details I would.)

Group hug THANK YOU merciful ones


Paradise through a rainy window, sweetest vision for chicas who miss the city and who miss men who talk like they do no place else. Mama Mia, I'm a workin' onna da movie!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sticks and Stoned

I bet there are a bunch of people who find themselves wishing that they hadn't, in the past, used 'Hitler' quite as often to describe people who were vastly objectionable.

Hey. Fits of hyperbolic pique by any other name: I used to throw 'Nazi' around for the same diminishing returns.

Wonder if a flip flop will occur in the lexicon: "Soup Trump".

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