Sunday, June 26, 2016

What Matters

This image is from the swell folks over at Awkward Family Photos website, pretty much defining what AFP is about.

This time it's awkward, familial and important.

Here's why...

You may see separation.

I see togetherness.

You may see an utter lack of cooperation.

I see love sticking its hand up even if it might not have the right answer.


To everyone out there who leans in even a little bit to get the weird kid in the shot..

To every weird kid who's all Gothed out and even vegan to boot and gets over your own ass to see family at a good old fashioned weenie roast....

I say this:

Y'ALL will be what makes America great again.

(Ha! Didn't know I was gonna run that way with the damn ball, did you?)

The blue eyed gun living Baptist mama in Texas who had TEN guns that she was afraid Obama would take from her should have been so damn lucky.

What, in the name of Jesus quite literally,

as Marvin Gaye was wont to ask before he went fucking crazy, too, is going on!?


You can't build walls for the kind of crazy that's really gobbling us up.

But the bastard who can convince us that the devil is in the unfamiliar, the alien, the swarthy, the not quite godless but god-lite different people is selling something none of us should want.

And despite what anyone believes, none of what I just wrote has a thing to do with politics.

Politics is the dirty valve for the blow up dolls of our dreams.

I was going to write more but that last line was inadvertently mysterious enough to sate me and, besides, I can't freaking top that.

For a few hours anyway.

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