Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last Cat Standing

This photo was hard to take because I'm right handed - and maybe because I was a teeny bit choked up - but this is Cheetah holding onto my hand as I was reading last night.

This was a few hours after I said goodbye to Homer. (His discomfort became very apparent very quickly, so I got him in asap.). By this time, I was not crying or talking to anyone about it - the more obvious ways to convey grief, I guess. It shouldn't be a surprise, either that Cheetah picked up on the subtle things. Still, although this particular cat is a snuggly animal anyway, I've NEVER had any animal hold my hand before. He was squeezing from both sides. Whatta guy.

Again, if we're lucky enough to love an animal, we'll face that time to say goodbye. And as farewells go, the vet said he'd never seen a cat so ill still try to play a bit and purr affectionately. (We doped him up pretty good for the adios: Damn it, one of us needed to be looped and it wasn't his mama.)

Y'all. Sending so much love about my two cats leaving over the last week: You made a big difference. Extra angels have been here and I know they're with my animals on both sides of the Bridge.

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