Friday, November 4, 2016

Kaleidoscopic Mind Blowing


We thought this was apocryphal and it ain't. Considering that malnutrition is actually causing kids who'd normally have jet black hair to red/blonde - especially in Cambodia, according to Love Without Boundaries, this is an inexpensive fix. It also works quickly to establish higher iron levels.

Now if it's all right with y'all, I'd like to go back to my self-absorbed little life of listening to virtual castrati, yodeling cetaceans, getting messages from dead folks and my next acting gig.

Lemme tell ya: This "we're all really part of the sacred whole" thing is exhausting to ponder for any length of time.

Mysterious Singing on Earth, Part III

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has revealed new whale song discoveries. It's kind of like seeing those Hubble photos: The more there are, the curiouser it gets...

So far, the whales aren't singing doxologies - but we hear them just the same when their vocalizations are played.

I'm posting this like holding a cross up to a vampire regarding some comments on this - on MY - Facebook page.

It's beautiful and I hope it's like throwing water on Margaret Hamilton. Really.

Learn Something New Every Day

File #48,211

This is Radu Marian. He is a male soprano. And spectacularly endowed. Artistically.

All from Googling 'sacred baroque music' for meditation.

Love me some Chrome.

Back to the Om.

A Bird in the Hand... appreciably better than one jumping up and scaring the holy hell out of you.

But still. As being scared goes, this is pretty adorable.

We think we're due the exact fright for mistakenly passing along the apocryphal bit about ostriches sticking their head in sand. Never did it. Never will.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fantasy 1 Reality 0

For those of you keeping score at home, our big episode of How to Get Away With Murder will air on Nov. 17. Although I haven't seen myself onscreen in years, this one is tempting to catch...

There is a scene where my character cries a bit because she's being screamed at. Lest it appear to anyone that my acting chops are intact, kindly note this confession: I actually cried because getting yelled at was hurting my feelings. Extraordinary, isn't it?

You know those disclaimers "no animals were harmed in the making of this picture"? Imagine a world so suddenly sensitive that tears are possible stemming from a make-believe verbal assault. We're hoping they use the good take.

As always, thanks for keeping up!


When the Atlanta Braves were about to win the World Series, I found myself away from the TV, standing in a hotel gift shop, too numb at the possibility.

I'd rooted for underdogs for so long that I was suddenly feeling like the hole in the donut.

Tonight when the Cubs won, I had a similar sensation. I'm thinking that even Cleveland fans had to know that this was an epic event requiring two astounding teams and that if ever two trophies were allowed, it ought to be this year.

I know that sounds pretty namby pamby. To the diehards, I apologize. But after this ugly season in America, where churches are shot up, where both sides of the thin blue line are sitting ducks with innocents murdered from all ranks, stretching out to a world of refugees whose children are cannon fodder, maybe something as pastoral as seven baseball games could make the earth a bit less wobbly on its axis. Just for tonight.

Thanks to both teams for giving us your best.

And to Cubbies. Son of a bitch. Y'all did it.


Maybe. With the awful killing that's been part of Chicago of late, just maybe the angels came down and sprinkled just a bit of extra sparkly stuff. Because sometimes divinity ain't cheating. And sometimes it's the only way to get some folks to believe.

Yes. I'll admit hitching a ride on the treacle truck tonight. The turnip one was completely full.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Max Alexander, Rest in peace

Another comedian has moved on to the Big Room...

Every now and then, the goodness of a person shines through in phenomenal ways. Even beyond their ability, in Max's case, to make people laugh.

You never heard him say a lousy thing about anyone. Ever. That shouldn't be such an extraordinary thing and it's certainly not all of him, but still. In a business where saying lousy things can end in punchlines, he just didn't go there.

Max just sparkled. He made everyone feel more than welcome, no matter the venue, the soul or the crowd.

Since we believe heaven returns such favors, it's hard to imagine the size of the party he's attending - in his own honor - Upstairs.

But that's small consolation to his friends who were with him in this last, incredibly difficult haul here, you know - this blasted mortal coil and all.

Raising a glass to you, Max.

Thanking you for the laughs and the real hugs. And to his closest buddies, our deepest condolences.

"Sweet Mother of all that's holy..."

We're hard-pressed to comment on this, except to thank Awkward Family Photos yet again for an example of, "Sweet Mother of all that's holy getting a shaving cut what on earth is the world coming to!?" photo.

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