Saturday, October 22, 2016

Oh maaaan the Cubs in the World Series!!!

I think the country needs this right now. Here's to miracles that are earned, fought for and believed in... And may the two teams BOTH play their hearts out.

Wow. After months of seeing some of the worst we have to offer one another, here is a chance to rise above any of it.

Here's to baseball showing everyone what good sports can be - literally and as in sportsmanship.

Three cheers for some good news, everybody!


Friday, October 21, 2016

RIP Kevin Meaney

We'd like to light a candle for the passing of someone so funny, so absolutely darling, so witty and crazy pants, big pants funny that the earth will look just a bit darker from the ISS this evening...

RIP Kevin Meaney.

Our heartfelt condolences feel like feeble tribute but we send them to his beloved daughter and all his comic pals who are heartbroken this night.

We're pretty sure nobody ever made us laugh harder than you did.

We know you're up in heaven giving 'em hell.

End Times

We were reading an online article from the NY Times in which they were quoting from a Trump speech. He told the Pennsylvania crowd they were once leading "steal producers".

Lots of possibilities. The reporter phones it in with Dragon. OK, maybe one possibility.

The New York. Times.

USA Today, maybe.

But not you guys.

We're just sayin'.

And it's our Mom's birthday. The one who taught us about spelling and grammar. Oh, the humanity. The humanity.


I wanna be this little girl when I grow up.

Sometimes we're reminded of just how big the word "breathtaking" can be...

Our eyes and ears can only hold so much until the heart itself spills over into the big oceans of who we really are, who we can be.

I wanna be this little girl when I grow up.


Yes, there's a big HTGAWM episode coming up: the little wrap around we shot were precursors for that. And any sixteen hour day on set still beats a real gig, lest it seem we are unaware of that.

Thank you all for watching!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cactus domesticus trampus

Look at her, will you? Turn my back for a minute and BOOM: The nursery's full.

Maybe there is a bunch of little pricks running around joke in here, but that would be tacky.

As it is, I'm just glad they all seem to be healthy.

Stogies all around on Granny B

This may be difficult to believe, but this writer was an "A" in conduct student. (Getting one "B" during a semester was traumatic.) Having said that, I can honestly say that I've the utmost admiration for the kids listed here in perhaps my favorite Awkward Family Photo collection of all: "17 Reasons for Detention".

If you're one of these kids: God bless you and thank you for making the world a little more interesting.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Support The Real President

This spectacular homage to the incalculably bizarre current events in America is timely, dark and utterly tragic, given the fact that a certain segment of the population with a paucity of - we'll leave this blank for the sake of decorum and subtlety - will invariably take it seriously.

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