Saturday, November 19, 2016

"I had a daisy once, but it died on me."

I swear. I could post a photo of a daisy with the simple caption, "I think this is pretty" and get the following comments:

"Not everyone is lucky enough to see this because we were born without EYEBALLS!"

"I was born with eyeballs but leaned in to smell a liberal's daisy lapel pin with sharpened petals and my eyeballs were ripped into SHREDS!!!"

"The Bible says he who worships flowers gives lubricated hand jobs to the devil, but I don't judge, so have a nice day anyway."

"It's really a cloaked UFO that extracts DNA from the sinus cavities of unsuspecting morons who don't believe."

"The daisy is real: The post itself is a hoax."

"Starbucks stopped serving their cups with daisies on them. Because Obama."

"I had a daisy once, but it died on me."


"To you it's a daisy, but to me, it looks just like a frightened vagina."

"Must be nice to be rich and do nothing but look at fucking flowers all day while slaves serve you. Loved your show, Brett!"

"As if you didn't know that 'daisy' is another term for Chinese expats getting rich in US while human trafficking. Daisies: yellow in the middle and white on the outside. Or wait. Maybe that is 'banana'. No, that's backwards. Why don't you just tell jokes instead of always being political?"

"Papaw, he say ni ni nighty bye."

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