Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What I Believe About This Psychic Stuff. PART I

Might as well begin here.

First of all, although I try to answer some queries that appear on this FB page, I think you'll agree that it's not a very efficient format for Q&A.

Let's just say that original posts, questions, comments, etc have a way of getting cluttered here. In that vein, if I haven't answered something, there is a good chance I simply haven't seen it.

Regarding things psychic and my claims about mediumship - and if you're new to this, that sentence is fairly self-explanatory - we're welcoming questions - respectfully submitted ones, that is. Yikes. Had to ask!

We ask is that you submit them to
Please do NOT ask them here.

For starters, a few all-too-random thoughts about things psychic. Btw, I'm hardly a repository of psychic history. Thanks to Google, anyone can find out just how splendid or absurd the sixth sense is. If your questions are things I can answer based on my own experience, I'll do my best to answer.

For those of you who have a hunch your own intuitive capabilities are ramping up, perhaps my tips on how to help those along will be of some use.

When I first realized that people had these abilities, almost a decade ago, I promised myself that if there was any way I could help demystify these things, that would be part of my mission. Thanks for helping with that!

For starters...

Everyone's imbued with intuitive faculties that serve them to varying degrees.

Sometimes the people who "want it" the most possess the least of it.

Sometimes skeptics have a lot of it whether they're in touch with it or not.

When mediumship "happened to" me almost a decade ago, my first thought was not: Gee, I must be special. (Actually, I do think I'm special, but for things not associated with this at all. HOOha!) Instead, my first thought was simply this one: This is happening to other people. Right now. And a lot of them.

The left brain works very hard not to let the right brain "drive". One might argue that the left brain makes the world go around: Practical things like science, math, right angles, bridges, etc. Too, one could posit that the right brain - poetry, watercolor, intuition - makes it more liveable. When the two sides can work together - and meditation can make that happen rather quickly and serenely - this is when things happen. (That's MEDITATION not MEDICATION, although if you've played around with drugs, you know you can definitely open cans of worms in that area. Be very careful: Sometimes those cans can't be closed up again. We're not even joking.)

Although I understand how/why strict materialists attribute any and all psychic claims to, from the most benign motivation to the most malign, wishful thinking to fraud, I believe there is equal hubris in labeling such phenomena impossible.

It's a total drag, but there are people without any moral compass whatsoever who possess profound and specific psychic gifts. So for those folks who feel that some golden path has been assigned to you based on favor from Above; I'm sorry to dissuade you. The good news? I think that loving intention empowers the gifts.

Can I prove any of this? No. But I submit this: I've got better things to do that jive y'all. Flat out.

Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to answering what I can.

Peace out, y'all.

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