Sunday, March 27, 2016


We thought about not saying anything about today, but realized the reason was pretty small: concern that we'd be affiliated with those who are incendiary regarding faith; especially the hellfire squad. Let it not be said that we're - ouch - too hip to hop. So....

A very Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates this day...

And even if you don't, there are worse things than widdle, fuzzy wabbits to symbolize a holiday.

Actually, we always thought bunnies and eggs came out of left field, but it turns out that, symbolically, anyway, they both go pretty far back in all kinds of religions. As for snazzy clothes on the bunny, we can only hope that happened for pure entertainment value.

We like Easter for reasons that have to do with the very deepest, most all-inclusive aspects of hope and love. All. Hope. And love. The biggest kinds there are.

May your day be about all that and more.

PS We don't have a photo credit for this particular little guy, but couldn't resist. He looks like he's about to hug somebunny. (Sorry. Couldn't help it.)

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