Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The dinosaur to the left, although lumbering and quite ancient, was quick enough to gallop and grab an entire steak kabob when it hit the floor last week - stick and all.

Fortunately, his amazing vet got it out without surgery. (He's so old that the trauma of an operation might've been too much for him to bear.)

He's our godson: our new nickname for him is Leadbelly. But as devastatingly handsome as this guy is, we imagine one or two of you is curious about the little guy on the right. He is a rescue, of all things: so small that he's actually on a bottle.

For those of you who know, this particular breed is prone to health problems. It's hard to think about things like that when faces like this are looking up at you. Still, though we're a very long way off, puppy smells are coming through like he's at our feet.


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