Tuesday, March 29, 2016


And, yes, that's an 'F', although the appropriateness of another consonant is debatable.

We like these little tiny lights. Strung all year. (Part of the Weird Kid Diaries, but then we also liked moving little different colored plastic lamps around our room when we were eleven. Other teens put up posters: We were experimenting with indirect lighting.)

It's bad enough when they're carefully installed in less intrusive/elegant ways - on bannisters, wrapped around the odd lamp posts, etc., but every now and then, we just toss them up any old place at all. Finding little Chinese lanterns for $1? Sorry they only had one left.

Later, we realized it collapsed, moved in to fix it and then saw this.

This next sentence deserves its own post, by we are still happily processing it:

An hour after the lights fell, quite by accident, we discovered this particular mirror is the best psychomanteum ever.


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