Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Max Alexander, Rest in peace

Another comedian has moved on to the Big Room...

Every now and then, the goodness of a person shines through in phenomenal ways. Even beyond their ability, in Max's case, to make people laugh.

You never heard him say a lousy thing about anyone. Ever. That shouldn't be such an extraordinary thing and it's certainly not all of him, but still. In a business where saying lousy things can end in punchlines, he just didn't go there.

Max just sparkled. He made everyone feel more than welcome, no matter the venue, the soul or the crowd.

Since we believe heaven returns such favors, it's hard to imagine the size of the party he's attending - in his own honor - Upstairs.

But that's small consolation to his friends who were with him in this last, incredibly difficult haul here, you know - this blasted mortal coil and all.

Raising a glass to you, Max.

Thanking you for the laughs and the real hugs. And to his closest buddies, our deepest condolences.

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