Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mississippi Burning. Again.

Somebody. Do. The right thing.

This Mississippi law stands to do a lot more than merely not serve people.

There are some folks who were alive when another group of Americans were refused service in restaurants.

Dumb Mississippi jokes are too easy. It's about more than that. But seriously: How do you boycott a place nobody really wants to visit anyway?

We lived in Marietta, GA. where a restaurant owner passed out ax handles to keep blacks out of his restaurant. Was he condemned? No. He was later elected governor of the state of Georgia.

The only thing some people understand is money, so we'd ask those corporations to use all the pull you've got. We'd ask people who aren't gay to make a stand.

We apologize for the complete lack of wit in this post.

But this time? Don't ask who 'we' are because we know we're not alone on this.

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