Sunday, April 3, 2016

"When I was here before"

A friend's child has used the expression, "When I was here before" a disconcerting number of times, and that's just around me. Given the enormous scope of a child's imagination, it's not difficult to presume such "memories" would seem as real as his imaginary friend - which this particular kid claims, as well.

To me, what's striking about his 'before' references is the absolutely dull quality of things remembered. For example, his imaginary friend apparently spearheads great adventures. No such doing with any past life recall.

Once, his adult half-brother, frustrated by his lack of description for said life, asked, "Well, what did you DO??"

He said his little brother seemed to think about the question before saying, "Not much. We had to work all the time and we didn't have TVs and stuff. We saw a cowboy once but he wasn't like one on TV. He was by himself."

Non sequiturs aside, we liked that last statement for all its plainness.

Do we think wranglers traveling solo are proof of past lives? Not at all. But because we subscribe to the chock-full newsletter of PMH Atwater, we knew where to look for accounts of children and such claims.

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