Monday, April 4, 2016

One Boy's Story

Right now, on this spinning orb of living, dying, joy, suffering - you know: the whole shebang - there are stories that end beautifully, not well at all and everything in between.

We think this one, although beginning in heartbreak, leans very much towards the light. We're sharing it here not to present any agenda or to yank heartstrings. We simply reckon there are folks who come here because, every now and then, some kind of story is between the lines.

Here's to stories and how they change us. Or not.

By the way, without the photos illustrating this particular tale, we might've let it slip past our own psyche. But with them? Rather impossible to ignore.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Sometimes, just looking over at another human and saying, "Did you see that?" makes things stick where they're supposed to.

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