Saturday, August 27, 2016

Things That Really Matter and Stuff That Might Not But Sure Feels Like It

To quote the great Ricky Mokel, I think about stuff.

Silly stuff, often, but then things that are unwieldy and grotesque, too. Things like racism. That's one of the Big Things. And lately, in addition to how endemic and horrible it is, but also about how a lot of people are beginning to look in mirrors and more deeply for answers.

Wisdom can be painful. (I've heard.) But when an exchange like this happens, it seems the jagged places in being human fit, flush and finely after all.

And in news completely unrelated to things of substance, I'll have an announcement to make about my career in show business that's almost too exciting to believe.

I'm not being coy, either. I'm simply not allowed to tell this thing that's happening until They say so. I'll say this much: I'm thanking the Big Guy and any angels who were involved.

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