Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stolen shot from a stranger's blog.

I can't stand how cute this is. Also, I'm hoping that this kid's anonymity will be preserved despite the incredible worldwide impact of this particular Facebook page.

It's not like this signifies anything. Promise? Nahh.

She's certainly too young for outright ambition. But you gotta love parents who let their kids hammer away on their pianos - especially jelly fingered, crumb carrying toddlers.

Our grandparents did that and there is no better way to un-tune - don't think that's an actual word - a piano than to let a dozen youngsters bang away at top part of "Heart and Soul" on it. (And that's just a plain terrible song when talented hands are playing it.)

More people should take photographs like this. And if you do, please send them here.

We're apparently hitting a sloppily sentimental stage.

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