Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bad Mommy

I can't say catnip gives him the munchies but Cheetah definitely gets loaded on it. I'm a tad jealous. Apparently they can have all of this that they want and it doesn't hurt them.

Because he'd attack the other cats on it, I haven't allowed it in years. But since the other two are safely across Rainbow Bridge now, just look at the fat little bastard.

Mitzi was fat and lived to 18. Cheetah will not be that lucky because we've started his new regimen. He likes dog food which is a problem but we'll figure that out.

For now, he does this three or four times a day and is none the worse for wear.

I haven't washed Mama Dog's bed yet because I think they're still missing her and need that scent a while longer. Keno drags the bed around a couple of times a day and Cheetah has been sleeping in it. Pretty cute. Except Roger has been going over to it and sighing. I wish I didn't think that's what he was doing, but it looks and sounds just like it.

We're all together.

The gang's all right.

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