Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Little dickens.

Looked like a bad late night about to happen. My trusty steed AKA a big ridiculous Eddie Bauer Expedition which would be starting junior high if it was a kid would not turn over after a twenty minute grocery store run.

And of course, Roger was there because we like late walks when it's cool...

As we're waiting for AAA, this creepy guy starts circling the lot. So what do I do? Get out my big ass poodle, that's what. Damn straight.

Then a police car shows up just to park and rest at the CVS next door. We're saved from our imagination, at least...

Thanks to that fabulous thing called technology, we were able to see the AAA guy's route to us. He looked really far off according to the text, but LO! Like the Lone Ranger galloping up or...

On the wings of a snow white dove!

OK, maybe just in a regular tow truck. We met a dog-loving dear specimen of humanity. With family back in the Carolinas. What do you know? Kindred spirits meeting in a zip code that's Trophy Wife central, not exactly old broad with an old truck who sees dead people turf. Chuckles abound.

Spirit seems to be on a teaching path at my house. And the parameters are extending.

When we were young, we'd fidget and fume at delays like this. Imagine. Being grateful for the experience of it. And we'll be even more so if the truck starts in the morning. Digits crossed.

PS I'm not sure, but I think Roger might have been stepping on the power window buttons. Maybe I won't take his seatbelt off when I go in anymore. Little dickens.

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