Sunday, June 12, 2016

That Voodoo They Do So Well


This was supposed to be up and out this morning right when (Dan Patrick) hit the fan. Pardon the less than lightning speed of its appearance here...

But first, to those of you who leave thoughtful comments in abridged form, my sincere gratitude. Some of what you send is so kind, illuminating or pithy, as the case may be, that it's like seeing haiku with cool laser pointers. Better. And even when I disagree with the sentiments, I'm grateful for comparative brevity which enables me to read other comments. It is wonderful to see lots of replies and probably impractical to attempt to read them all.

And the difference between conveying messages with which we disagree, and conveying them in disagreeable manner ends up being PRET-ty, PRET-ty big. (Borrowed Larry David's voice on that last.)


Then there are probably lots of folks I'd see eye to eye with, but don't see at ALL because I rarely read ones I have to scroll. And scroll. I'd never have time to scribble my own. Before anyone kvetches - seriously? I'm in a giddy minority of FB 'verified' page-keepers - albeit far from the big boys - who make an effort to keep up, occasionally even replying. Thanks for the gift of accommodating this, an undoubtedly selfish, perspective.


The Post Itself:


Seems our post about Christina Grimmie's death ended with what could be the title of this one. (‪#‎shootinggallerynation‬) But it's more than that:

In the devastation of Orlando's last few days, we found another enemy on the wrong side of the police barriers. The guy's a public servant. Our reaction to his treachery was not a godly one, but cheering nonetheless to put into words. So, Father, forgive me: I know exactly what I would do....

The Fun Part Oh Yeaaah

I'd like to arrange the long-awaited introduction of my pointiest-toed, oldest, Texas boot to a tender portion of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's anatomy. And that's just the appetizer.

Downside: Enormously problematic just because it's hard to swing a leg really high up and use a powerful magnifying glass simultaneously.

Upside: One well-timed kick could meet said teensy target and also make short work of alleged cranial contents like stoving in Russian nesting dolls: one hidden inside the other, into microscopic infinity.

I'm starting to believe that these ass clown creationists, et al, are less committed to any holy biblical ideal than simply terrified of joining and discovering proof of close kinship with a web-footed, poisonous primate sub-species whose DNA, in warped spirals, mixes with that of a boneless version of the serpent first mentioned in Genesis.

Short version? Fair enough...(Cover the kids' ears!)

You pecker-brained, godless, traitorous shitheads. You're standing with, beside and for everything Jesus kicked over in the temple. That's right: If y'all can presume to know what pisses Him off, then let the rest of us have a stab at it, too: Time for turnabout.

I'm not a secular humanist, but today, that's a technicality, because it's getting where I much prefer their company over these self-appointed chosen ones with fists full of rocks, warmed up throwing arms and no mirror in sight.

We feel sure that a clarion call to shut the Dan Patricks down will have agnostics, etc lining up in their unSabbath best to heckle the satanic curses of DP and his sorry ilk. This might be the perfect storm:

Let's take a peek at current levels of American outrage. Why, it's adorable. We PIN it! We sign ONLINE PETITIONS! Our forefathers tremble at the force majeure we ain't! It would be funny if it wasn't. For example: One sitting judge, Persky, in the Brock Turner case, in Santa Clara County, California has received nearly a million signatures urging that he be ousted for giving what amounts to a time-out, hand slap for a violent felony.

In light of this sprawling attempt to mete revenge in the wake of the missed justice train, we're wondering how many more signatures could be garnered with nuclear strike ferocity to unseat Patrick.

Although I'm doggedly pro First Amendment, from a defense standpoint, each man's behavior - Persky and Patrick's - is unassailable, I do want to think that some form of satisfying recourse is available. I don't want it to be a trick bunny pulled out of a tired hat either. Period.

Threats to national security are morphing faster than new drone designs and Patrick's hissed Bible verses are the sheep's clothing of sedition.

How many religious folks will merely tisk-tisk the Lt. Gov, ruefully nodding towards their once Good Books, now sharpened like knives and aimed smugly at MILLIONS of Americans who don't meet their judgmental image of what kind of sinner escapes with their lives?

We think not enough of them.

Until today, beyond my own hyperbole, I didn't see the leap between passive-aggressiveness and the threat of terrorism. But it's at work in SOME American religious circles and as vile, deadly and, not least, spiritually diminishing as any imported threat.

Unlike the terror cells across oceans hiding behind thousands of child captives, these s.o.b.s operate in plain sight behind lecterns, defiling pulpits, giving free reign to the kind of loathing that isn't limited to their targets...

Advocating mass violence against innocent humans - which was implied in Patrick's statement - against anyone, but against American citizens is no less a threat than the kind we're spending trillions to contain. Artfully suggesting they've got it coming is despicable at the very least.

Kicking that guy out office would not only be virtually free, but could earn America's purchase from the teetering edge of perdition.

And a postscript based on late news:

Sen.Ted Cruz, fresh from his wound-licking, rallied like a nutless bull in a China shop, making a clean sweep of everyone's pain, just as we reach out for one another for comfort, vigilance and solidarity, adding both opportunism and insult to injury.

Because we're borrowing that last phrase from Poe, we think a fitting prize for Ted is the ending of Poe's own story, 'The Cask of Amontillado'. His 6, unparalleled on his best far, as of today's statement, is unparalleled. And that leaves us speechless.

Thank you.

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