Saturday, June 11, 2016

Maybe You Had to Be There...

We like when the joke's on us. OK, sometimes not until years later, but we eventually come 'round.

But feeling acute embarrassment when you're the only one in the room is... weird. Until that moment where you realize it's actually pretty f-ing funny.

Btw, because this ends up being about something semi-obscure, everyone won't get it. That's actually fine by us because it means that number people will look at us from now on with a giant DOH over our us like a cartoon cutout.

(But if you don't get it, it's OK not to write that in the comments section. Really.)

Besides, this is less of a joke - or proof of our density - than it is more a result of not hearing something correctly. Still. We sure ran with it for a few minutes.

We were driving back from a 60 mile pup transport when we heard an ad for a concert that sounded wonderful and fascinating. We just heard the end of it, urging the listener to... "... buy your tickets now for 'Mozart Impaired'".

Approximation of our thoughts about this particular concert:

Wow how cool is that? The genius of Mozart, but discussing his possible emotional difficulties, alcoholism, chemical imbalance, etc. Hmm. Perhaps they'll make connections between genius and random psychological conjecture on the poor boy. It's so long ago that it can't be gossip, right?

The more we thought about it, the more exciting it all promised to be. We imagined scholars and musicians gathered in a listening hall, shedding light and, undoubtedly, compassion on the genius that was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. What could be better? Gosh, maybe they'll even showcase some arias!

(Yeah, we're opera geeks, on top of everything else.)

We pretty much thought about it the rest of the way home, our curiosity peaking while we let the pups out, etc. It wasn't until about an hour after first hearing the commercial that we went online to check out ticket info.


It. Wasn't. "Mozart Impaired".

It was....


"Mozart and Part".

The music of Arvo Part.

We are tempted to go on here and explain just how similar those words sound, but we're just going to. Hush.

(Bowing deeply. As in bending from the waist to acknowledge our silliness - not the thing you do with a string instrument.)

Sweet dreams, y'all.

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