Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Broken Places in the Sky

We'd hoped they were the only heroes necessary in this story. We're talking about the two men on bikes who stopped Brock Turner during the act of rape.

This isn't minimizing the work of the police or prosecutors: Rather, this is about a spontaneous decision to act that helped stop a violent assault and might've even saved a life. But, dammit, it turns out that more heroes were needed after all. So, to the guys who've voiced your outrage about the six-month sentence for Brock Turner: You are heroes, too.

We know that all kinds of people were outraged from the slap on Brock's wrist. Desiring a sentence more severe than six months is hardly a lynch mob mentality.

Empathy is one thing - and we've especially never condemned it in a justice system so overwhelmed as to be past the breaking point...

But good grief. What happened in the sentencing phase of that courtroom reminds us of jurisprudence in a third world country where women are regularly held accountable for crimes against them, instead of the convicted defendant.

And to the men who aren't buying Mr. Turner's father's op-ed defense of his son: Thank you, as well.

It may seem as if your voices go unheard, unheeded by those who've judged lightly, unheard by the very men to whom your comments and ire were directed...

Yet of all the women who heard you and who are grateful,, only one of us matters right now. While we don't presume to fathom the depth of her extrajudicial injuries, we're betting it helps a hell of a lot to know that you other guys are out there, too. The sheer numbers of you have been impressive.

Maybe you'll tell us it was the least you could do. Perhaps, but believe this: Y'all fixed a broken place in the sky.

Lastly, we're not suggesting that women should sit back and wait for knights on white horses. We're just saying a little cavalry never hurt anybody.

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