Monday, June 6, 2016

When parodies become too real:

"Trump-ty Drumph-dy stood in front of a wall... of these guys."

The link below and the photograph were written/taken by our friend Robert Wright, who lives in San Jose and attended the Trump rally there earlier this week.

Now then, if you read it and think, hell, she wouldn't have even posted it if she wasn't friends with the guy who wrote the letter, took the picture, etc, you'd be right.

Here's why: It's that whole six degrees of separation thing.

The fact that we know someone - a retired English teacher, in case you're picturing some crazy radical - who, on the night in question, exercised his right to free lots of things, but who especially did not stand down in front of scary apparitions like this... We're more than proud. We're honored. We're honored, sure, that he's our dear friend, but we think he's one bodacious American citizen.

About the photo: Perhaps it is grossly prejudicial for us to illustrate account of the night with this particular shot. Maybe not. Perhaps WE'RE the prejudiced ones, because it sure looks, a la Larry David "pret-ty, pret-tyTeutonic to us!" Apparently jack boots nostalgia is juuust about to turn a corner near us.

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