Friday, June 24, 2016

Miss Mitzi

To the many dear people who've left such sweet thoughts about Miss Mitzi - my heartfelt thanks. Homer hasn't gotten to that place where he needs a boost to the Other Side just yet.

In surprising news, the animal I didn't think would notice Mitzi is gone...

Cheetah keeps jumping out from behind the door every time I pass because it's what he did with her. I can't exactly react like she did: she'd just roll over and lick his head until he was insensate, but hey. I've got catnip and treats.

And to those of you who've written asking if I'm up to doing readings: Nothing makes me feel better. But your solicitousness is a gift all its own.

Thanks, Facebook strangers for being the opposite of that especially during a week that's - I'll just say thanks again.



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