Friday, March 4, 2016

The Kids Are All Right

This gem - another pilfered from the good people at Awkward Family Photos - was accompanied by this explanation: The sender said that his 8 year-old cousin requested the following for her birthday: a bow and arrow and a Justin Bieber poster.

Some may be a bit disturbed by this little renegade's choice of prepubescent leisure. We're looking at it as a healthy response to pressure she isn't even aware is being exerted on her. We don't just mean the pressure on her pocketbook, but also on her body, mind and very soul to grow up much too quickly...

All-powerful marketing rushes children into sexuality not unlike the way science learned how to speed up how fast a chicken goes from egg to table: not necessarily with chemicals and keeping them in the dark, but the end game is similar.

The only thing awkward about this photo is the reaction that others may have to it.

As for us? We see a member of our tribe: She has our vote for today's team captain.

To be quite clear, however, none of this, where we are concerned, is about young Master Bieber. Except now that we see his name coupled with that particular title, we've an urge to say it three times quickly for effect.

We love her determination, her scruffy hair and, hell yes, even her proximity to at least 14 separate things that could give her tetanus. Just in case concerned parents think our barrenness has rendered us completely devoid of all sense.

We can hardly wait to see what she wants when she's nine.

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