Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Donald and Me

If I'd known he was coming, I'd have baked a cake!

This time, I didn't fail to register the context of a politician's remark. Honey, I heard you loud and clear...

It was spoken unambiguously and even in animated, sincere fashion. Donald Trump, exulting in yet another primary win, declared, "I love the poorly educated!"

A double take was seen throughout the nation. Ok, perhaps his wording was an unfortunate technicality. I'm not formally educated, but that may not translate as "poorly" so.

In any case, any of us who fall under that great big umbrella are probably having an assortment of reactions, as it's certainly a grand example of a backhanded compliment, right up there with, "Idiots rock!" Waaaait a minute. That sure fits on a bumper sticker better than his original line, doesn't it?

"Morons untie" could be another, but then we don't want to aggravate dyslexics who are notoriously intelligent and apt to be left outside of the Donald's orange faced, broom headed, squinty eyed adoring glance. Yep, for once, anyone with a paucity of cranial matter may proudly march, teeny tiny heads held high, in this crazy, nutty parade called the 2016 US presidential election.

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