Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How many metaphors could Peter Piper pick!?

So much for our pretend zen, rising above the fray policy we'd adopted thus far in the 2016 campaign. What the hell. A petite hissy fit will do us good...

Another Mom maxim wasn't planned but fits the bill at the moment. She once said, "When children turn out badly, I don't blame the parents, but when children turn out well, the parents are the first I congratulate."

That may not have much to do with the proverbial price of tea in China, but damn this business of throwing racist rocks at Donald Trump for things his father may have done. Do not mistake our intent:
Rather, look around the guy. There are truckloads of (virtual) rocks you can throw because of HIS words and deeds.

No sense resorting to trickle down sins of the fathers stuff. Cheap shots need not be taken when sporting ones are plentiful.

(Yikes. How many metaphors could Peter Piper pick!?)

We recall Sen.Robert Byrd of West Virginia who possibly evolved more than any other elected official in US history. From Klan member to genuinely contrite Democrat who, in the true spirit of public service, owned little more than a pair of brown shoes at the end of his career/life.

Sometimes when people change, they become far more than the sum of their parts. And in those changes we see what room there is for radical change in ourselves. "They" say it's never too late. We're unsure about that, but - to quote the guy who created the character for whom I was named, Ernest Hemingway and Lady Brett Ashley respectively, "Wouldn't it be pretty to think so?"

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