Thursday, March 3, 2016

Awkward Family Photo Tribute

One doesn't need to be psychic to know a few things here, but we do presume much when we say...

At least one of them currently supports Sen. Sanders.

Their bookshelves at home probably looked much different from this one.

They hosted a foreign exchange student.

Rehab counselor talent here and we don't mean the kind who has to go off the deep end with drugs/drink to become one. (Extra credit for them for this, btw)

Someone contemplated the seminary.

They still all talk to each other.

They don't buy lottery tickets.

Most of them are OK with cats, but one's allergic and still likes them.

The mom had to bite her tongue at PTA meetings, but, by God, they went anyway.

They're either Episcopalian or Jewish but largely don't find any differences between them.

And not one of them would be insulted by what we've written here.

Thank you, Awkward Family Photos, for another flashback to a lovely people we might've known.

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