Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This'll be about...

... links, virtual winks, shifted realties and invisible vibratory offerings which may not have enough substantive scientific support to pry the often righteously snarling skeptics from their surly perches.

Yeah, you heard me right. I said 'often righteously skeptical". (And I said "I" and not "we" to underline the utterly subjective nature of this Part I in an itty bitty series. "We " ain't dead if only because "we" want to see how long it takes some folks to recognize it's a legitimate if unearthy way to address bunches of people we don't know. Yet. Yet.)

Anyway, William Tillman, among others with impeccable academic credentials which I admire and will never accrue, writes beautifully about shifted realities but no one does out better than Cynthia Sue Larson. Her website,, is enough to keep a willing wisher, one with determination and tools, anyway, fascinated for - in my case years.

The dog photo? A cheap way to get your attention. This is TL. I love this gorgeous moody little son of an even prettier bitch and will write about why he's here in Part II, which I'll write after I do this - yes - psychic reading.

That's what Part II will finally begin to discuss. Call all the skeptics on this one. I'll need you to balance the room from those who believe everything that comes down the pike.

But know this. If I wasn't pretty darn good at this, do you think for a second I'll tell almost 11K people that it's what I do?

Exactly. Now everyone get in here for a great big fuzzy group hug. Except the ferrets. (Just kidding. But keep an eye on them, OK?)

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