Monday, February 22, 2016


after a certain pup got his surgical collar off and chewed his sore open


I'm sorry, Mom.

You're not sorry, either. You've been trying to get that thing off for two days.

Um, Roger actually -

STOP! Don't even go there. Blaming your brother.

Yeah but you know how smart those poodles are.



You'll really hate that thing if you're hopping around on three legs, you know.

MOOOOOMMM! That's a TERRIBLE thing to say to me!

You're right. You can't get out of it this time because I that's a real collar I just put on you.

Yeah, who's this guy Bret Michaels anyway? His name's on it...

A whole lot smarter than I am, that's for sure.

Aw, Mom, that's imPOSSible... You're the smartest, bestest, pret-


Mom, I -

I know. Me, too. Now go to sleep before I debone you and make a hat band out of you.

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