Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wrong Turn Saves Stranded Dolphin

Bravery or heroism are things humans can fantasize about, but until those confounding moments in life that call upon such reserves, it's hard to know how any of us will respond...

Our favorite rescuers don't wear the T-shirts. And sometimes the most compelling examples of courage aren't ones requiring physical risk. Sometimes, all that's required is a commitment of time and energy you hadn't planned on spending.

We'd say to the woman in this story - and the others in it who prepare for these emergencies - thank you. For an act that seems small, but that's anything but. Especially to the dolphin.

(And because this is social media, to those snippy curmudgeons who would pen diatribes about not interfering with mother nature: Really? That's your takeaway from this? That your best offering? To thee we say, PIFFLE.)

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