Saturday, June 4, 2016

Daisies Made of Steel

Maybe if I hadn't heard someone say, regarding this very little girl, "It's not like she's dying or anything", this particular page wouldn't have snagged me.

The condition is not fatal. The dollar amount looks absurdly high.

But maybe it we all have a look and pass this on, one of those daisy chains made of tungsten carbine. (I'm no metallurgy geek but listened to burly men discussing strong chain the other day.)

If you can, listen to the little video where Lilit is learning English. Something tells me, this kiddo is tougher than all the superheroes rolled into one.

Also - I've never stuck one of these things on our page before. It's not like I think any one kid deserves something and another doesn't. It'd just be cool to see where this went.

And as they say in advocacy circles, prayer isn't doing nothing.

Thanks for your time.

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