Friday, June 17, 2016

Not Just About Addiction.. About All of Us

We don't often come across paradigm shattering notions - that hold water, anyway. This isn't to say that the article we're posted below is exact science, but as interesting experiments go, this one could be among the most important we've ever seen, one worth revisiting.

We get excited about lots of things vs being a jaded old ho, but this deserves the neon intro. Why? Because the ideas contained therein to be ones that embolden, that awaken us to possibilities of the most illuminating variety.

When Thomas Jefferson said, "We hold these truths to be self-evident...", many of the ideas were exactly that even if people had never seen them in such a wondrous format Yeah, yeah, we know: Mighty big words.

There's more. We're posting it despite the fact that it's from "Collective Evolution", an online periodical that often irks us as much as it informs. (Scratch that: Lately, it's been completely annoying because of its combination of condescension and self-righteous hyperbolic POV on nearly every topic: Imagine a tabloid run by rabid vegans.)

Maybe it's the cranky old broad thing, but we prefer to be informed by those at least pretending a modicum of humility. This group? Not gonna happen: This is put together by the kids who brought you Google. Just the same: We're damn glad we haven't unsubscribed. It proves we're still teachable.

If it makes sense to you, pass it on - you know. Without all of the bloody editorializing. And thanks very much for having a look.

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