Friday, June 17, 2016


In which the cat of the first party tells the cat of the second party, "Look, ho, you can't go off your feed, too, because - well, it's just bloody bad timing is all."

And yet she's done just that. Ah, Mitzi. All almost 18 years of you. Dear, dear, my chubby, chatty kitty.

Considering how many animals we've had through the years, that no two have ever been on the same dire illness page at once is pretty fortunate.

And, since we know better than to take things like critical illness personally, we're trying to figure just what happiness we may bring them on this day.

Besides food, darn it. That narrows it down, don't you know.

Aha. Perhaps doing something to really embarrass the rat terrier might be just the trick. You know. To make up for all those uninvited humping sessions that used to happen when we first brought him home.

We'll figure out something.

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