Monday, May 30, 2016

PRET-ty, and WIT-ty and briiiiight....

Although the next line contains lyrics from another song, another kind of music altogether, we're hearing, by way of soundtrack, "Somethin' Else" by Little Richard...

She feels PRET-ty, and WIT-ty and briiiiight....

An Arab/Israeli Catholic ballerina, Caroline Khouri, 24 years-old, just won a transgender beauty pageant in Israel.

In a world where beauty pageants are increasingly anachronistic, this one heralds a thing apart.

Our observations about hate are comprised of causal hunches rather than stark statistics: We're not sociologists or politicians.

We just think another category of beauty might not be a bad thing.

We are also trying, without being utterly benign, to post things that don't generate snarky replies. Especially the ones covered in honey.

Fortunately - again with a hunch and not those pesky stats - the percentage of folks who sit in front of a screen waiting to peck mean drivel masquerading as thoughtful opinion pales beside those willing to throw even their dislikes upon the pyre of getting over things.

Strangely enough, that last batch won't require translation of the previous thought. And you're exactly who we're inviting to our own bonfire - of vanity, pique, all but equanimity.

Huge postscript: When we posted the photo of Mrs. Crouch yesterday, we'd no idea that she had taken very ill. It's a weird coincidence. We'd had that photo in our stock pile for some time and debated whether to post that one or a picture of another riotously unique person in a bizarre subset of American personalities. (He's not as infamous, but equally bizarre.)

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