Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quality Problems and a sudden affectionate thanks...

Having lived in a variety of neighborhoods in my half century plus on the planet, from the most urban imaginable to plum in the middle of nowhere, I'm surprised at my reaction to this "event". And if I hadn't glanced down from one (justice served after over a decade YeeeHAAA) news story to see this headline, perhaps this would be the first some of you would hear if it.

The phrase "slow news day" does and doesn't really fit here. After all, this is southern California, where car chases take up entire afternoons both on and our off screen.

To be clear, I empathize with the woman in this story. And, in a way, with the guy they're all talking about.

But the distances humans are from one another has never seemed greater to me.

Make no mistake: It's not about the woman and the stranger on her patio.

Look. I have a feeling this will be one of those posts that stays up about six minutes because what some folks get from it - or regurgitate from it - can be harsh to/about any of the players. That's not my intent. In comedy they'd call this a set up. Reckon the punchline will come later.

I'm posting this for that wry, dear band of freethinkers who have winked at me across miles, on these FB pages without putting posters up or asking me personal things. That includes not assuming that anyone's past, in stage lights or not, is necessarily what they want to be reminded of. Thank you for not assuming who my friends are. And, when you do know, for protecting us both.

I never knew how manners could matter until I saw where they weren't. You don't know how your warmth and decorum make this a mostly fun place to be.

Wasn't expecting to say that. Bet you know who you are.

Anyway, check this out and if you beat me to a parody, the best man won.


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