Sunday, April 17, 2016

"It's a bird! It's a plane! It's.... SOMEthing..."

As Mr. Serling used to say, "Submitted for your approval...'

Now look here, please. We're far from saying this piloted by little green men or even their big blue cousins. We have no idea WHAT this is. But it's pretty freaking cool.

Feel free to debunk, but know this:

Your civility will get you everywhere.

Here's the deal on this specific post:

About a year ago, someone sent us this MUFON submission from Houston. We're posting it because it's one of our favorite clips of an unidentified aerial object. Ever. And we've seen so much UFO footage over the years, even if you don't believe in this guff, perhaps the fact that it impressed us will be enough reason to check it out.

Although we're admittedly fascinated with UFOs, we're aware that a very, very small percentage of them fall into that unexplained category. (We saw a doozy of a UFO when we were 21 - and and sober. That alone has probably fueled our enthusiasm and curiosity as much as anything.)

We are aware that the leap from merely 'unidentified' to "who in blazes is DRIVING that thing!?" is a very big one. And where things get sticky, and rightfully so...

Luckily - and sometimes disappointingly -

we've a friend who's adept at figuring out what many of these things are and, in so doing, determining what they're not. He's pointed out that in this era of drones and easily rendered CGIs, it's tempting to think that almost none of the photos or footage is worth a second glance. By the way, it's taken years, but he only recently added 'almost' to his qualification.

Btw, he in no way committed to calling this specific video anything but unidentified, but he did say it was "fascinating" as these things go.

During the time we've known him, he has helped us learn to recognize some of the 'down to earth' explanations for ourselves: lens flares, insects, Chinese lanterns, experimental aircraft and even such detailed lenticular cloud formations, you'd swear you see a pilot inside them.

Apart from a new wave of butthead, yet skilled, tricksters, the former can factor in innocently submitted items which are, at face value, impressive and even, at times, breathtaking.

So for those of us in the diehard 'eye to the sky' patrol, two things are becoming increasingly clear: The first is that there are hundreds if not thousands of UFO sightings daily around the planet. (And these are only the reported ones.) The second is that the folks stomping their feet in belligerent certainty on either side of the argument aren't really contributing to what could be a collective, informed study of the phenomena.

Hey. At least we blush to admit we love UFOs at all. Add that to the fact that we lean toward believing that intelligently piloted crafts have been visiting earth for some time, and we understand why some might categorize us - among the kinder terms - as deluded.

That's not even factoring in that, in addition to UFO interest, we're pretty sure that human consciousness survives the death of the body. You know what that means, right? Exactly. We'll be eating at the kids' table for a looooonnng time.

One last thing; For those willing to consider possibilities, we have discovered a YouTube program called UFO Planet, produced and hosted by Darin Crapo. (Calm down, it's pronounced CRAY-poh.) It's a weekly showcase of internationally submitted videos from the ridiculous to the sublime. Mr. Crapo is also an armchair expert on ones that seem bona fide as well as submissions that don't meet the criteria for 'good sightings'.

Check him out on YouTube. It's worth fast forwarding to see the "Hot Video Clip of the Week".

And now, finally, the video clip from MUFON.

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