Monday, April 18, 2016

True Story

We watched him get continual refills of a beverage we thought very hi test. Despite that, when we all got up to leave the restaurant, he seemed fine, which only made us believe he might be alcoholic.

Finally, when no one else said a thing, we spoke out.

"Sorry, but I can't let you drive after you've had so many drinks!"

He said, "I've only been drinking Arnold Palmers!"

Everyone was looking at the idiot then.

We spoke again, more softly., "That's not like a Long Island Iced Tea?"

Sound of guffaws and negative answers.

If blushing made noise, we would've broken the sound barrier.

Thankfully, apart from the stupid mistake, we actually got a great big hug from him.

We were never in danger of getting the Cool Award to start with. But now, we suspect we couldn't go to the museum if we paid admission.

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