Thursday, April 21, 2016

Man in the Waxing Moon

Walking the pups when the moon's really bright takes a bit of extra caution around here. This is when the coyotes come out to play...

Perhaps 'play' isn't the operative word:

Bunny screams are chilling, but as loud as they are, get totally drowned out beneath the coyotes' vocal tracks.

It's probably pretty funny watching/listening to us walk on these nights:

The "Mama" carries a flashlight, using her lowest voice repeating the mantra, "Nooooo coyote,, nooooo coyote" til we make it safely back up the hill again.

And the moon man? He might be laying low, too. We caught him in this shot, seeming to hide behind the lacy leaves of a big California scrub oak.

Coyotes 1

Bunnies 0

And we're all present and accounted for, SIR.

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