Friday, April 22, 2016

A Sign

The look you get when someone you know asks you to be in a Do You Know a Celebrity Contest.

Sure, you may feel like a bitch for not wanting to do it. After all, they could get TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. And what kind of friend wouldn't want a pal to get TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? (And the celebrity can send 5K to the charity of their choice. Guess they figure we need a dog in that hunt, too.)

But there is another look - albeit less obvious, one that's attached to the heart.

The way you feel when you realize that perhaps other friends have thought of this very same thing, then thought better of it: perhaps thought that friendship - maybe even my friendship - was not worth the way it might make me feel.

Please don't tell me if you're one of those people. That you thought about it. Um, I would rather not know, in case this isn't clear enough. Besides, that's not what this is about. Without you telling me, just take these deep thanks just the same.

Btw, when my response to the request was that I hoped it was a joke, the answer was, "You never know if you don't ask."

Just thinking of all the times that I have known. Without asking.

As usual, this probably points to something untended in my own little energy field. An inadvertent lesson that happened a few years ago was that if I resent something/someone, I will often resemble that very thing.

And sometimes - hallelujah - not.

So tonight, my real friend circle might feel smaller, but it sure does feel real - across miles and strangers and time and those of you I'll never meet in person and places I'll never go. But, in the cosmos, it's no distance at all.

Lastly. I'd like to thank my friend Gail for letting me post TL's photo by way of illustration. He just gave me this very look last night.

My crime? I brought a ridiculous treat from home: A Milk Bone with preservative-free, non nitrite real meat wrapped around it. (I keep that to give my own pups pills.) Once TL realized that only a lousy Milk Bone was inside that meat, be gave me this side-eye, stink-eye combo.

Now my crime is tenfold because, y'all?

BOY, did I laugh. He's just sooo dramatic in his wounded expression. Maybe like I am being about that stupid ass contest, eh?

I love TL very much and the darling little so and so knows it. Our friendship will survive my disappointing offering. I think.

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