Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yeah, but an hour later, you're feeling creative again....

A woman in China quit her job to stay home and raise her child.
This was one of the 200+ 'interesting breakfasts' she fixed for her little girl.

To support the premise that anything worth doing is worth doing well, we marvel that one morning meal could ever be tendered in such detail. Maybe this Mom sucked at math homework. Maybe she found a zen path for borderline obsessive tendencies. Maybe she got sick of quail eggs the usual way. We don't care.

We have our own extraordinary and memorable examples of our own Mom showing up above and beyond the suggested requirements of the gig. The fact that there were five of us undoubtedly precluded Martha Stewartish (esque?) crayola du jour mealtimes, but we do recall heart-shaped pancakes. That made us feel all warm and fuzzy for a week. We'd get a kick out of hearing what this kid thinks.

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