Friday, March 11, 2016

Like a Rolling Stone. Only Not Fast Enough

Steven Nardizzi. Al Giordano.

The head guys who bilked the Wounded Warriors organization and who were both fired today, finally, after years of misappropriating funds.

You are both...
Gone. With. The. Wind.

You'll both probably land on your feet because even for every Martin Shkreli, there are a few people who think their brand of avarice and flagrant abuse of public trust corresponds with profit. And it can and does.

We wanna wag a finger and say, "Shaaaame", with the thickest accent we have.
There is more to it than that. They don't make rehabs for some things, do they?

You found a soft spot in the collective psyche. After Vietnam, we finally stopped demonizing the people who fight the wars. (When humanity will finally get smart enough to penalize the old people who start them is another duck entirely.)

Wounded Warriors, you reckoned. Who wouldn't wanna help?
Now, because of what you've done, there will probably be a big dent in the funding.

Interesting to see if either of you publicity rationalize your actions.
Even more so to see who hires you next.

So at the Colorado conference, they said you rode in on a horse.

Your exit isn't write quite as ceremonious, but we're hearing heroic music just the same.

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