Tuesday, March 8, 2016

About Facebutts on Facebook

People who take the high ground when life hits messy pockets are among our heroes. We may not emulate them as much as we desire, but neither have we failed to note that NONE of them, for so much as an instant, ever stops what they're doing to announce to the rest of us that they're taking the high ground.

They're kind of amazing that way.

The following submission, while falling far short ot that particular 'calling attention to itself' criteria, is nevertheless better than our first impulse which was to go in full evisceration mode. (To wit - This little ditty took about five minutes to write. The zippy retorts with which we were first tempted? They wouldn't have even known what hit them. As such, we liken said act to bragging about beating a Border Collie at Scrabble: No matter how bright the dog, you're an ass for both playing and keeping score.)

The culprits? Too dastardly a description. Let's just say the intended recipients are, happily, but a few pantywaists (snerts) in whom passive aggression has found a full teat to suck.

The following is about that one unpleasant facet of Facebook. To anyone who may rue the fact that we spent any time at all on this: 10-4, good buddy. Loud and clear. Without further ado...

Gentlemen's Agreement: FB Style

Come on in, we warmly bid, and sit with us by the fire.
The rules are sparse, we liked them not, and tossed them on the pyre.

Clubhouse walls invisible, the ether connects us skin schools:
Which is just a term for humans who are sometimes disguised as fools.

What you see and say here, may it lighten or better your load.
But beware the wrath of wounded ones who taunt or meanly goad.

The barrel-chested zombies spewing litanies of all they hate
Run side by side with repeaters who leave borrowed thoughts in their wake.

What can we expect of a club without fees or signs when you come inside
That say you have to be this tall to even get on the damn ride?

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