Thursday, March 24, 2016

Garry Shandling

It can be dicey mentioning the passing of someone you cared a lot about hand in hand with a silly thing like a career. But when I got out to LA, Garry was one of the first people to not only welcome me but include me.

He was different in tender ways.

A few examples, if I may...

He liked nothing more than having the people he cared about sweating profusely and shooting hoops and hollering happily like kids together.

OK maybe he loved the hot fine surge of a big laugh when he was funny more.

Who the hell doesn't?

He'd talk about real things, things that scared him and when he talked about being let down, he didn't dish.

He got a kick out of me and his Mama Muriel being friends.

He asked me to be on his show and - gasp - even for ideas on the plot, etc. Then they showed up in the episode.

He made sure I got a scene with Rip Flipping Torn.

Who DOES these things!?

Garry did.

I know that heaven is spectacular but earth feels a chill wind passing through it when folks leave too soon.

Break the room in, Big Guy.

Hope you see and feel all this love.

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