Monday, March 7, 2016

Little Life Hack

The word 'hack' means something completely different to a comedian. Now that it's a synonym for 'helpful tip', looks like we'll have to come up with another word for lowest common denominator of funny.

(Then again, maybe 'mohels' weren't thrilled with 'tip' being used out of context, either.... Howard, that's for you.)

Anyway, here it is...

One night when I was about thirty, I realized I had dozens of books on the topic of meditation and that, despite being familiar with most of them, hadn't actually bothered to begin the practice.

Dr. Herbert Benson shot holes in my bucket of excuses with his book "The Relaxation Response", a bare bones technique just about guaranteed to 'work'.

My only quibble with the results had to do with the fact that I made my initial attempt late at night: The burst of energy I had was sufficient to deep clean the entire apartment. It's for this reason that I recommend trying it earlier in the day.

Btw, I'll assume those of you who are beyond this 101 technique will be too zen to quarrel with its appearance on some random non-enlightened person's blog.

I'm only submitting it in the off-chance that there is one person thinking that meditation requires a complicated ignition process. I was happily dissuaded from that position.

Happy Om-ing

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