Thursday, March 24, 2016


I'm DYIN' ovah heah!

So on my supposedly personal Facebook page which is kind of a joke because I just used to say yes to every friend request because otherwise that Zuckerberg guy's right about something that I don't wanna think about, but then it got ridiculous because people I didn't know at all started saying wildly personal stuff right there in front of everyone: Wah, wah, etc.

So without cleaning house, every day I'm bombarded and bemused by these gigantic fonted lobotomy version type "amen" if you buhleeeve yadda yadda yadda things, scrolling endlessly on the timeline, which is fascinating largely because one of the posters used to bully us waaaay back in another century.

If you think I'm using this time to talk about repenting and stuff, you'd be wrong. I wouldn't have said 'yes', etc. if it bugged me. Like I say, is ironic.

And I'll say that I've probably several demerits religion-wise stemming solely from my immense distaste for evangelical Peeps: And I don't mean 'people'. I mean those damn chick marshmallow things clotting the CVS aisles all year. You know - Virally transmitter, saccharine, mass produced hypnotic jargon.

Kind of like when we get sober. The people hollering at us had little effect beside those who had the Look and Behavior of someone who had transcended hell with Great Help.

Sorry. I had a point. One of the tin drums for Him posted about a website where you control who you're vacationing with because you don't want to share a pool with - and I'm quoting - "that guy".

My accusation? Not going there. You're right. I do have my usual feverishly accumulated fistful of rocks ready to throw but just noticed my Windexed walls.

As I gently put them back down, however, might I ask one of my less hypocritical pals to toss a few FOR me?

I mean, after all. Isn't this about damnation?

Here's a thought. If sharing a pool with a felon is a concern, why not limit vacations to day trips to amusement parks?

Good Lord. Literally.

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