Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Apparently, my mention of unsober times has created concern when the opposite effect was intended. Yikes. Not a casual error on my part. In that vein, please allow this very specific message to...

Rob Ford. Yes. That Rob Ford. Rest in peace, sir. He didn't really get a chance to dig his way out, up or back - whatever you call it. He's got a family who knew who he was under all the trouble and who stuck by him.

A public life lived in exemplary fashion. That's my advice to anyone choosing the well-lit highway. In the absence of that, in whole or part, the best we can now for is that hand - and in lucky cases, many of them - who reach back for us. That and for the original guts we were given to be miraculously relocated before it's too late.

It's certainly worth holding on. Rob, fly well, big guy. Prayers for you and your dear ones. Actually for the whole big glob of us. Cosmic flash mob style. (Different tune: I'm just sayin'.)

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